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I aim to achieve this look by not washing ever
"Because I spend so much time now in a very professional, gender normative work environment, I have to remind myself that I love weird people, I am weird, I want to be weird, and being normal is truly horrifying. I’m thinking of that experience of seeing someone on the street or on the bus who is working some kind of weird, non-normative look and feeling some delight and relief, like the person’s existence is making space for you. I have often felt that way when I see other visibly queer or visibly trans people, or other kinds of rule-breakers. It’s beautiful to see people taking those risks and its wonderful to have those moments of mutual recognition with a stranger in the midst of a hostile world."

— Dean Spade (Queerture: Q & A With Dean Spade)

(via albinwonderland)

fucking hate the word weird. really gets my back up when someone calls me it. i’ll refer to myself as weird, but who the fuck are you to judge whatever the hell i am doing.

every now and again i have these really really gory ones that don’t faze me in the slightest. This one I remembered this morning, somewhere on the way to Harrogate.

Basically, I told some bloke to hide in the bonnet of a car. Iunno what he was hiding from. But we forgot about him, and it wasn’t until I suddenly realised I had blood pouring all over my legs whilst standing in front that something was wrong.

Lifted it up, and he was face down, all smushed against the machinery (which was vaguely coggy and sharp), blood and gore underneath him, moving slightly from the parts still whirring underneath him.

I was like ‘ooohh noooo gonna have to call an ambulance’ and that was it. Also remember thinking ‘i don’t want to turn him over’

Considering I am no fan of gory/scary films in the slightest, it does make me wonder.


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always. niggling question in your head? wait until most inappropriate time
would quite like to play this